5 Things That Signal a Dental Implant Emergency?

December 30, 2023

Dental implants are surgical procedures that are aimed at restoring lost or extensively decayed teeth. Given the success rate to be 95% it is the most safe and efficient dental procedure. However, room for complication remains due to its invasive nature. In this blog, we will list down a few main problems to look out for if you go for a dental implant surgery. If you develop any of these symptoms, be sure to see your dentist immediately.


Infection is one of the most probable side effects of a dental implant surgery. As this procedure involves surgical intervention, it makes the area quite vulnerable for infections to develop. Instances of localized swelling, pain or fever are all indications of an infection. An infection tends to develop right after the root implant, needing to be dealt with immediately. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent a complete failure of surgery.


Placing an implant requires surgical monitoring which makes the site vulnerable to bleeding. While some bleeding during and after the procedure is considered normal, excessive bleeding can be a life-threatening dental implant emergency requiring immediate medical attention. If bleeding continues and increases with time, head to your doctor immediately.

Nerve Damage

Placing an implant needs extreme precision and expertise. Otherwise, it can potentially pressurize or damage the nerve/s. Some of the common symptoms that direct us to nerve damage are pain, numbness, burning and abnormal sensations. Though it is quite uncommon, localized nerve damage can still be caused by a dental implant surgery directing us to an emergency situation,

Sinus Issues

Our facial bones are interconnected in ways that a small mistake can affect multiple sensory areas together. One form of emergency which has been documented as a result of dental implant surgery is sinus problems. Implants on the upper jaw can cause a rupture in the sinus cavity resulting in nose bleeding. Hence, it is important to keep it under strict watch.

Loose Implant

Implants placed over years can cause them to loosen with time. This is categorized as a dental implant failure. Some of the reasons that may add up to this type of complication are smoking, diabetes and poor oral hygiene.

Final Takeaway

Dental implant procedures are restorative options for lost teeth providing you a more confident and beautiful looking smile. Not only do they provide aesthetic value but restore the function of natural teeth. Some common dental implant emergencies include infection, bleeding, nerve damage, sinus rupture, and eventually loose implant.

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