Broken Tooth But No Pain? Here’s What to Do.

May 15, 2023

Usually, a broken tooth is a shocking and painful experience. But shockingly, some people don’t even notice that they’ve broken a tooth! These situations can be confusing for patients. After all, do you really need treatment for a broken tooth with no pain? We’ll explain in the article below.

What Causes a Broken Tooth With No Pain?

Our teeth are complex structures, made up of various surfaces and ridges. Different parts of the tooth will respond to trauma differently. For instance, the damage might cause sudden, sharp, intense pain. It might also cause a dull, lingering pain or tooth sensitivity. Furthermore, sometimes a broken tooth will occur with no pain at all. It’s all a matter of which part of the tooth surface has been damaged.

Is a Broken Tooth With No Pain Serious?

Even if you’re not experiencing pain, a broken tooth is still an urgent situation. Broken teeth can quickly lead to further oral damage. Plus, a broken tooth could indicate an oral disease or even tooth decay. Even if you simply chipped your tooth while eating, a change in your tooth surface could cause cuts on the tongue or inside of the mouth. Therefore, it’s important to see a dentist right away for a broken tooth.

Treatment Options

There are several different treatment options available for broken or damaged teeth. For minor cases, dental bonding can be quickly shaped to correct a chipped tooth. For more serious damage, a crown might be needed to fully restore the area. Your dentist will assess your breakage (as well as any underlying dental conditions) to choose the best treatment for your smile.

What To Do After Breaking a Tooth

After breaking a tooth, it is important to call a dentist. Calling immediately will give them the best chance of fully restoring your tooth with bonding or another simple treatment. Calling immediately will also help you communicate key details while they’re fresh in your mind.

Dental Restorations in Houston, TX

The Houston Dental Implant and Cosmetic Center offers a wide range of treatments for broken, missing, or damaged teeth. Click the link above to request an appointment with our team today.

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