do spacers hurt more than braces

August 15, 2022

Getting dental braces is one of the few orthodontic treatments that leave you with a pleasing smile, enough to make a significant impact. Orthodontists treat and fix issues of the teeth’ appearance and functions. There are many particularities of braces, traditional ones that you know; however, do you have any clue about orthodontic spacers for braces?

What Are Actually Spacers For Braces?

Spacers for braces are also known as dental separators or expanders; they are more common than you think. Spacers used on teeth are small blue rings, have elastic consistency and look like a rubber band with a diameter of around 1 cm.

A spacer for your teeth for braces may be troubling and may haunt you but do not worry. The process is not daunting. As the name suggests, their function is to create spaces by separating the patient’s teeth.

Teeth spacers may not be required for every patient before getting braces. These separators usually make spaces between your molars or front incisors. This device is essential before braces in individuals with overcrowded/ compact teeth; the major reasons for this include either less space on the jaw bone or large teeth.

How Long Do Spacers Take To Work Before Braces?

Mostly, orthodontists affix spaces before actual braces come on the teeth on a temporary basis. Usually, the whole process does not take more than 1-2 weeks. Therefore, you need to wear expanders for around a total of 14 days only.

Do Spacers Hurt More Than Actual Braces?

In a nutshell, yes, they do. The reason behind it is that expanders are there to make space with the help of pressure; therefore, it will hurt, and the experience is not pain-free. However, the discomfort is short-term and drastically lesser than that of braces.

The level of pain also depends on 2 factors; firstly, your threshold to bear the pain, and second the situational severity.

Expanders Between Teeth: Does Eating Hurt?

First, you should know which edible items to avoid, and those are hard foods. Why? Well, the extra force exerted may break the wires of braces, causing stress to expanders.

Dental spacers hurt at the time of chewing and can make it next to impossible to eat without getting stuck. Make things easy for yourself; eat soft and easy-to-chew foods for the first few months after getting braces.

Some food items that are healthy and easy with braces are scrambled eggs and dairy items like yogurt, fish, soups, etc.

Moreover, stay clear from items high in sugars since they can harm the teeth by plaque buildup around the spacers.

How Long Do Spacers Stay?

Expanders for teeth to stay on for about 2 weeks, depending on the condition of your teeth. Most of the time, there is no risk of an expander or separator falling out; however, it can slip out if the space is large and loosens up.

Final Takeout

Dental spacers make the area between teeth enough for braces to function easily. They are convenient and less painful than actual braces comparatively. Talk to professionals from Houston Dental Implant Center if you want more information regarding spacers.

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