Does Gum Contouring Get Rid Of Gummy Smile?

July 30, 2022

Not many people are fond of their “gummy smile” and are looking for alternatives to correct it, such as gum contouring. Gums are mucosal tissues that encapsulate jaw bone to hold teeth in place. Their look and growth greatly depend on the genetic makeup of that individual. When there is excessive gingival display (more than usual gum over teeth) upon smiling, it is known as a gummy smile.

Fact about Gummy Smile

Gum tissue growth may not always be even; they make your teeth look small and even crooked at times. Some researchers reveal that gum tissues growing over 2mm over the tooth come under a gummy smile.

Gum Contouring

This type of gum contouring procedure is done with the help of special tools or a “laser” for ablation, which effectively cuts off extra gums growing over your teeth.

Currently, laser technologies are gaining popularity, as this device helps to seal the tissue, which does the following:

  • Minimizes bleeding.
  • Reshapes gums in a more precise manner.
  • Targets hollow pockets where bacteria can accumulate.

Moreover, gum contouring/reduction surgery decreases the progression of tooth decay. In many cases, the gum contouring process is thought of as an elective procedure, making it irrelevant and not medically necessary. Rather, it is a choice to improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Gum Contouring Surgery

Reducing excessive gum is an in-office procedure done by a dentist or periodontist. Do not expect to receive general anesthesia; however, local is given to numb the gums. During the surgery, the dentist, with a scalpel, removes extra gum tissue.

This will help sculpt the gum line to expose more of the tooth. Your dentist may use sutures or stitches to hold the gum tissue in place. The procedure timeline varies depending on the contour’s severity and the amount of reshaping needed; however, gum contouring takes around 1 to 2 hours.

Benefits of Reshaping Gums

Aesthetics is mainly the purpose of this, but a gummy smile is also a health concern for some patients. Excessive gum tissue can entrap food particles which are not easy to get rid of via brush and floss regime. This consequently may lead to tooth decay.

Patients who suffer from this condition usually complain about frequent gum irritation and are more likely to have gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

And so, for instances stated above, dentists recommend getting “gum reshaping” surgery before others. This includes crown lengthening, pocket or hole reduction, etc.

Final Words

It is a one-visit surgery and would not require much of your time, and the healing process is quite fast as well. However, you should know that gum contour is permanent, as oral tissues do not regrow.

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