Explore the Different Types of Dental Implants!

July 15, 2023

Exploring replacement options for your missing teeth? Dental implants make a great alternative to natural teeth owing to the many benefits they offer. But did you know there are different types of dental implants available? In this blog, we will delve into the tooth implant options available; keep reading!

Types of Dental Implants Based on How They Are Attached to the Jawbone

First, we will list the types of dental implants based on how the specialist will attach them to your jaw. Hence, depending on the process, dental implants can be divided into the following types:

  1. Endosteal Implants:
    The shape of this implant is like a screw, cylinder, or blade. The implant specialist will place it in your jawbone, and it can hold one or more replacement teeth. Endosteal implants are common, and they’re suitable for those who already have dentures or bridges.
  2. Subperiosteal Implants:
    Not all types of dental implants go into your jawbone; subperiosteal implants are attached above or on the jawbone. The oral surgeon will put this metal post under your gum so that it sticks through the gum, holding it in place. Dental experts recommend subperiosteal implants for people who cannot wear regular dentures or have insufficient jawbones. Moreover, you can also get them if you do not want to build up the bone with a bone augmentation procedure.
  3. Zygomatic Implants:
    If you do not have enough jawbone to proceed with the endosteal implant, your dentist will recommend a zygomatic implant. The procedure is complicated since the implant will be inserted in your cheekbone instead of your jawbone.

Types According to the Number of Dental Implants

You can opt for dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. Here are some basic types of dental implants:

  1. Single-Tooth Implant:
    It is pretty convenient to get a dental implant if only one of your teeth is missing. The dentist will proceed with a single-tooth implant, followed by a single replacement tooth or dental crown.
  2. Multiple-Tooth Implant:
    You can also get dental implants if you have more than one tooth missing. In that case, the implant specialist might suggest a multiple-tooth implant. The custom-made replacement teeth are tailored according to your needs, and the best part? No one would be able to detect that you have more than one replacement tooth in your mouth.
  3. Full-Mouth Implant:
    Some people lose all of their teeth — in that case, a full-mouth dental implant comes to the rescue. If you are eligible for implant surgery, the oral surgeon will suggest full-mouth dental implants to restore your smile.

What’s the Takeaway?

When you venture into the dental implant world, you will be surprised to find there are different ways an oral surgeon may insert the implant. Generally, there are three types of dental implants; Endosteal, Subperiosteal, and Zygomatic. Moreover, you can get single, multiple, or full-mouth dental implants based on the number of missing teeth. Visit an implant specialist to know if you are eligible for the procedure!

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