Full Mouth Reconstruction: Here’s All You Should Know

January 15, 2023

Full mouth reconstruction can be a life-changing dental procedure. Whether you are getting it done to improve your smile or treating a severe dental issue, full reconstruction can provide a long-term potential solution. This extensive process involves a series of dental treatments to restore your normal dental functions and smile.

If you think you need a full mouth reconstruction to resolve your dental issues, you must be wondering what happens. Here is all you should know about full mouth reconstruction process:

Why Choose Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction treatment provides patients with the following benefits:

  1. Helps to improve our bite
  2. Helps in chewing with ease
  3. Prevents bad breath
  4. Prevents tooth decay
  5. Enhances gum health
  6. Promotes a clear speech
  7. Restores facial and lip support
  8. Enhances smile
  9. Helps to fight sinus pain and headaches

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction

All dental patients struggling with failing oral health and multiple dental issues can qualify as candidates for an extensive full mouth reconstruction treatment. Some signs that you may need this procedure include:

  1. Cracked or broken teeth as a result of bruxism
  2. Severe gum disease
  3. Missing teeth
  4. Serious acid reflux disorder
  5. Difficulty in eating due misaligned bite
  6. Low density in the jawbone
  7. Toxicity due to harmful metals used in dental repairs

What Happens During Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction process is completed in the following steps:

1. Dental Consultation
The first step involves a dental consultation with the dental professionals who will be handling the procedure. Your dentist will examine the current state of your oral health, bite alignment appearance of your teeth. Make sure you share your medical history that could impact your treatment plan with your dentists. You could also discuss your expectations or queries related to the procedure.

2. Impressions and Records
Besides the visual examination, your dental professional will also take an x-ray scan and picture of your teeth to use as a reference during the process.

3. Smile Design
In this step, your dentist will create a digital design of the current state of your teeth and smile you should expect after the treatment. The dentists make a 3D model of the outcomes after the dental restoration process. The digital design enables patients to give their valuable feedback prior to the final treatment.

4. Planning the Treatment
Using the outcomes of the visual examination, records, impressions and 3D model, the dentist will design a treatment plan. The treatment plan involves a combination of various dental techniques to help the patient enhance their dental health and regain a full set of functioning teeth.

5. Treatment
The process of a full mouth reconstruction involves different phases and several office visits. Due to the duration and expenses involved in various dental operations, the dentist may schedule the whole process over several months.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, full mouth reconstruction is a long process which involves a variety of dental techniques to enhance your smile and restore your oral health. Despite the lengthy process, the whole process is worth it.

Looking for a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan? Look no further. Houston Dental Implant Center takes care of all your dental treatment requirements. Contact us today to schedule your appointment today to discuss your issues with an in-house team of professional dentists.

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