Hole In Gums – Top 3 Treatments Explained

April 30, 2022

Your gums are fragile mucosal tissues that are required to be top-condition for oral cavity health. Any change in the appearance or physicality of the gums is an alarming situation. Experiencing inflammation along with swelling of the gums is quite common, but what if there is a hole in it?

The primary function of the gums is to hold and protect the teeth. In the case of holes, there can be multiple issues going on that may or may not be grave. We urge you to have a better understanding of the changes in the gums to make the right decisions about treating the problem.

If you are intrigued and have questions like “why is there a hole in my gums?” popping in your head, stay with us till the end for your answers.


What Are Hole In The Gums?

A tiny hole in the gums is actually a hollow space, covered up in a fashion as opposed to its surrounding area. Mostly, gum diseases like gingivitis or, more serious, periodontitis are the reasons for this.

Small Hole Development In The Gums – Causes

Primarily, the reason for the hole to originate is diseases of the gums. Accumulating bacteria creates tartar – calcified plaque, increases tooth sensitivity, or causes more issues.

Such bacteria eat away gum tissues, forming a void or hole in the gum. Moreover, it also leads to gum recession; they start to push back from the line.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are 2 kinds of gum diseases; the latter is a progression of the former. Both show gum recession as a sign of their presence.

Periodontal Disease – Types

Periodontitis is divided into 3 kinds:

Chronic Periodontitis

This kind gets worse with the passage of time. The hole forms in the gums and will eventually cause the tooth to fall out.

Aggressive Periodontitis

Short-term issue and starts up suddenly to gain gravity and displaces the gums from its lining.

Necrotizing Periodontitis

This category hits the gum tissues and forms voids in them when the person has diseases like HIV. The reason is the cells of the gums dying, leaving a hole behind.

Dry Tooth Socket

Dry socket formation is a complication if the hole does not properly heal after tooth extraction.

Treatment Available

The choice depends on the reason for the small holes in gum:

Pocket Removal Therapy

Pocket removal or flap surgery is a common solution for this. Incisions or cuts are made in the gum, plaque, tartar, and bacteria are cleaned, and then the tissues are sewn back to their place in a better position. This process fills any holes around the gum and works for the recession of their edge as well.

Professional Dental Cleaning

This kind of dental cleaning is a multi-step process. The whole cycle includes scaling and root planing.

At the first appointment, the dentist performs scaling. This step has scraping of tartar involved, the main reason for pockets. Next, root-planing will cover deeper ends and scrub off plaque from within.

Gum Grafting

It is a procedure that is best fit for gum receding from line. The gum grafting process is basically taking a part from your healthy tissue to the place where the gum line has receded.


Final Words

Vast treatments are available, and they may confuse you. We suggest that you take help from a professional. Why don’t you give a professional from Houston Dental Implant Center a call at (713) 436-7697? We are here to help.

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