How To Fix A Gummy Smile With Orthodontic And Non-Orthodontic Treatment

January 30, 2024

If your gum is exposed when you smile, it is called a gummy smile. It can make you feel conscious and less confident when you smile. But we have good news for you! Like all dental concerns, this also has a solution and can be corrected if taken due treatment. Let us look at the different treatment options for a gummy smile.

Types of Gummy Smiles

While it is very subjective to what people think is a gummy smile, we have given it a number for easy distinction. For a smile to be categorized as gummy at least 2 mm of excess gum tissue shows. There are four different types of gummy smiles, including:

Anterior – excess gum tissue is showing above in the front teeth.
Posterior – excess gum tissue that shows above the back teeth.
Mixed – excess gum tissue that shows from both, above the front and back teeth of the upper jaw.
Asymmetric – excess tissue that shows only on one side of the upper jaw.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

We have listed a few causes of gummy smile which happen to be genetic or hereditary;

  1. A shorter upper lip is one of the most common causes of a gummy smile. A shorter lip does not come down as far which causes the gum tissue to show when you smile.
  2. Small or short teeth can cause the gum to be exposed more than required. This can be due to hereditary reasons or premature teeth eruption.
  3. Another common cause of gummy smiles is hyperactive upper lip, meaning that your lip contracts more than its size when you smile. This extra lift can reveal a lot of gum.
  4. A gummy smile can also be a skeletal issue. When the upper jaw is large and sticks out too much, it can reveal more gum tissue while you speak or smile.
  5. A condition known as gingival hypertrophy categorizes as an overgrowth of gum tissue and can also be a reason behind a gummy smile.

Orthodontic Ways to Fix a Gummy Smile

If the root cause behind your gummy smile is due to misaligned teeth such as overbite. In such cases, braces or invisalign can be helpful and indeed the right way to go. Bringing the teeth into proper alignment can reduce the amount of gum showing when you smile.

Non-Orthodontic Ways to Fix a Gummy Smile

  1. Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping the gum tissue for a more symmetric smile creating harmony between the teeth and gum.
  2. Crown lengthening can also treat a gummy smile, reducing the gum tissue or shaving the bone depending on individual situations.
  3. In order to alter a gummy smile, specialists also refer to lip or jaw surgery in severe cases. This can not only improve oral appearance but also foster good oral health.

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