Key Advantages of a Digital Smile Design

December 15, 2022

The world of dentistry is brimming with innovation and technological advances. One of the most fascinating innovations has to be Digital Smile Design or DSD, which involves creating 3D models of a patient’s mouth using CAD and CAM technologies. This process enables dental professionals and patients to see an accurate simulation of the patient’s teeth.

If you are eager to unveil the key advantages of Digital Smile Design, we have got you covered.

1. No Room for Surprise

Digital Smile Design allows patients and your dentist to view the 3-D model of their teeth and smile prior to the treatment. If the patient is satisfied with the look, the dentist may continue with the process without any changes. As a result, there is no room for a surprise for the patient after the treatment since they are already aware of their smile design.

2. Combined with Sedation Dentistry

In cases where extensive dental work is required, the DSD procedure may also be performed alongside sedation dentistry. For instance, if you need dental implants to replace a broken tooth, your dentist may recommend anesthesia to make you more comfortable throughout the process. Patients with severe dental treatment anxiety issues can greatly benefit from it.

3. Get a Perfect Smile

Digital Smile Design also enhances the look of your smile in a way that perfectly suits you. You can even get involved in the process by recommending any changes and discussing your expectations with your dentist. Your dentist will carefully listen to your demands. They may collect all the relevant images and videos and design a smile taking all your features into account which may include, your jaws, teeth, face, and characteristics that may impact your smile.

4. Protects your Oral Health

Designing a smile may involve both holistic and multidisciplinary therapies. However, the prime objective of the whole process is to protect your oral health by fixing dental anomalies and getting you an aesthetic smile that fits your personality.

5. High Accuracy and Precision

There is practically no comparison between the outcomes of dental procedures in the past and the outcome when using the DSD. With a Digital Smile Design, there is high accuracy and precision, and minimal risk of the treatment not yielding the desired results.

6. Boost Confidence

Thanks to an incredibly accurate process, most of the patients are satisfied with their smiles. Most importantly, an aesthetic and beautiful smile helps to boost their confidence and uplift their morale. You don’t have to think your smile isn’t good enough anymore!

Final Thoughts

Digital Smile Design is the ultimate solution to all your dental concerns. This state-of-the-art technology infuses both cosmetic and general dentistry to enhance your smile and has a multitude of other benefits covered in our guide. If you are looking for a digital smile design solution or other dental services, talk to the dental professionals at Houston Dental Implant Center. Talk to us today to book an appointment!

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