Multiple Teeth

Just a small group of patients qualify for this approach. What is not said on TV is the aggressiveness of this approach to your native bone. If there is any failure, it is difficult to place implants later without major bone graft. At HDICC, we perform a careful evaluation of your case to come out with the ideal approach without compromising your native bone.

Am I a candidate for All on X like on TV Commercials?

“All on X” is one of many techniques to replace your failing teeth with dental implants.

Multiple Teeth Implants Fixed Bridge

If you are missing multiple teeth, multiple implants can replace a few or all missing teeth in one arch. This modality of treatment requires great planning by highly specialized professionals in the area. At HDICC we used the latest technology from digital smile design, CBCT tomography and 3D printing of implant surgical template for a precise positioning of your implants and long-lasting prognosis.

Do I need one implant per tooth?

There is no necessity to place one implant per tooth replacement.

In the contrary, it is not indicated. Different from a tooth root, dental implants are not a live material, but a biomaterial (metal). Placing so many implants together, will compromise the blood supply of the supporting bone creating potential complications over the years.

Multiple Teeth Implants
Multiple Teeth

How many implants will I require per each jaw?

At HDICC we recommend a minimum of 6 implants per jaw to replace a total of 12 teeth per arch. There is a widely common treatment modality called “All on X“; this modality can require as minimal as 4 implants per arch to anchor a fixed bridge. Even though we believe it is an option of treatment, we at HDICC try to preserve as much bone as possible when treating multiple teeth replacement. The concept of “All on X” requires excessive bone removal. We are very conservative at HDICC and will treat you as we treat our family.

Do I have to remove my teeth at night?

Multiple teeth replacement are fixed bridges that are not removable by the patient. This are bridges that anchor to multiple implants by bio-engineered titanium screws. Only your dentist is able to remove the bridge if necessary for any maintenance.

How long does the process take?

Multiple teeth implants can take from 3 to 8 months for completion. Every individual situation is different. At HDICC we take the necessary steps and time to treat our patients right the first time. In most instances our patients have fixed teeth all along their treatment.

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Multiple Teeth

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Multiple Teeth

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