Road To Recovery: Healing Timeline Post Dental Implant Surgery

January 15, 2024

Dental implants have been considered to be the most popular and effective restorative solutions used to replace missing teeth. It is a professionally administered dental procedure that mimics the exact appearance and function of natural teeth. Compared to dentures or dental bridges, implants count as a permanent solution that lasts you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

However, like all dental treatments, dental implants also have a healing timeline. In this blog, we will discuss the multiple stages of recovery after you go through a dental implant surgery – providing care tips that will ensure faster healing.

Placing of a dental implant uses a surgical procedure, anchoring a screw in the jawbone that functions to provide a stable base for the artificial tooth. Follows the placing of an abutment and fixing the tooth on it. Here are the four main healing stages during the process.

The procedure starts off with making an incision to place an implant. In order for that, local anesthesia is given to reduce anxiety in patients. This is a short-lived sensation and the sedative feeling will go away in a few hours. You will likely experience pain, swelling, redness, soreness, and minor bleeding in the first 24 hours of surgery. Some unlikely symptoms can include dizziness and nausea. All these symptoms will subside with each day. In case they don’t, contact your dentist immediately.

Care Tips for Initial Days

  • Wait for at least 24 hours before brushing your teeth.
  • Bite a piece of gauze in case of light bleeding.
  • Apply an ice pack to get relief from inflammation and swelling.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Eat softer foods to avoid pressure.

Pain Management

This will include a prescribed routine for managing acute pain with over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen taken every six to eight hours until a required time period.

Resuming Daily Activities

Due to its invasive nature, the effects of this treatment might take time to wear off. Which is why it is advised that you don’t jump right into exerting physical and mental energy into demanding tasks. Take a day or two off to make up for the rest that your body needs to get used to it.

Foods and Beverages

Soups, shakes, yogurt and pureed foods count as alternatives when you are undergoing a dental fix. Hot and spicy food can also irrorate the treated site. This all is to prevent unnecessary pressure while chewing. Alcohol and tobacco use must be completely avoided.

Factors affecting the Recovery Time

  • Location of the implant
  • Number of implants
  • Your overall hygiene and oral health
  • Body’s immune response
  • Bone grafting

In Conclusion

Dental implants are highly reliable and safe dental procedures which need to be taken diligent care of in order to last a lifetime. Professionals at Houston Dental Implants hone the right skill and hands-on experience to qualify as the most trusted dental implant services in Houston TX. Call us at (713) 664-1661 to book your appointment now!

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