Root Canal Vs. Filling: What’s the Difference?

June 15, 2023

Root canals and fillings are both common solutions for tooth decay. So what’s the difference between these treatments, and why would your dentist choose one over the other? Read on to learn about the root canal vs. filling process.

What is Tooth Decay?

In order to understand a root canal vs. filling, you first need to understand tooth decay. Tooth decay is perhaps the most common dental problem that patients face. It’s caused by bacteria that is not properly cleaned away with brushing and flossing. Eventually, this decay forms a small hole in the tooth surface, which is a cavity. While cavities start very small, they can quickly develop into deep holes that affect the pulp inside of the tooth.

Root Canal Vs. Filling Treatment

Root canals and fillings are both ways of treating cavities. Fillings are used for the smaller, surface-level cavities. During this treatment, a dentist will remove the decay from the infected spot, clean the area, and then fill the hole left behind with a strong, specialized material. This restores the tooth and protects against future damage.

Root canals are similar treatments that are used to treat deeper cavities. In these situations, the decay has spread below the tooth surface and is affecting the soft tissue inside the tooth. The dentist will clear away this decay and also remove damaged parts of the tooth, saving the original tooth structure. After a root canal, a crown is typically placed on the tooth surface to cover the tooth and restore function.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you have tooth decay, then it’s important to address it quickly. Decay will only get worse if left untreated, which can then lead to serious health problems. Your dentist can help you choose whether a root canal or a filling is the right choice for your tooth. They can also give you tips for preventing future decay.

Caring For All Levels of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a small problem that can have a big impact on your health. At Houston Dental Implants and Cosmetic Center, our team uses state-of-the-art technology to restore your smile after tooth decay. From root canals to fillings to dental implants and more, we can help you save your smile! Call today to get started.

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