Times it Is Too Late to Get Dental Implants

October 30, 2023

A dental implant is an increasingly popular and sought-after solution for missing teeth, thanks to the unique benefits it offers. When you opt for dental implants, you automatically sign up for dental bone stimulation, convenience, and more. Visit an implant specialist to determine if you are even eligible for the treatment; sometimes, a bone graft is necessary before implant placement. But there are times when it might be a little too late to receive dental implants. Read this blog to learn when it is too late to get dental implants!

Is it Too Late to Get Dental Implants?

Usually, it is never too late to opt for dental implants. However, there are times when you might not be eligible for dental implants simply because it is too late for them to work. So, when is it too late to get dental implants? Take a look below:

1. Severe Bone Loss

One of the primary requirements to qualify for dental implants is to have a stable and strong jaw. If it has been a long time since your teeth are missing, your jawbone will start to lose its density. This is because the tooth is no longer present to activate jawbone growth, and the lack of nourishment causes excessive bone loss over time.

This is the exact reason dental experts recommend getting a tooth replacement as soon as possible. In some cases, bone graft surgery helps strengthen the jawbone in order to place the implant.

2. Age & Chronic Illness

While older patients might benefit a lot from dental implant procedures, you might just be too old to go through with the surgical treatment. Unfortunately, age is not just a number when it comes to your dental health; anyone above 85 will not be eligible. Generally, chronic illnesses occur with age, and they can interrupt the healing of the mouth and body after the tooth implant process. It is essential to have a proper healing time with implants, and delayed healing only makes it harmful. So, 85 might be too late to get dental implants!

3. Advanced Gum Disease

Do you suffer from gum disease? It is another factor that can affect your candidacy for dental implants. Though you might be eligible if you undergo gum graft and eliminate receding gums, prolonged chronic periodontal disease creates an unfavorable situation for the implant. If you still proceed with the treatment, it can result in loose implants or worse — visible titanium showing through the gums.

Alternative to Dental Implants

If it is too late to get dental implants for you, do not give up hope! It is still possible to proceed with another tooth replacement option. Visit a dentist to see which option is best for you — dentures are an excellent choice if all or some of your teeth are missing, and dental bridges if one or more teeth are missing.

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth!

You can save your smile with dental implants, but it might be too late to get them if you are above 85, have excess bone loss, have severe gum disease, and more. Call Houston Dental Implants at (713) 664-1661 to book an appointment!

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