What Are The Different Types Of Veneers Used in Dental World?

June 15, 2022

Veneers are shell-like fragile structures that are useful for masking the visible issues of the teeth. They are suitable for perfecting visually impaired smiles. Veneers easily restore the look by covering the damages on the frontal surface of the teeth which include enamel damage, staining, and minor misalignment. There are 5 types of veneers and the choice depends on the severity of your condition.

Dental Veneers: What They Are and Types

Veneers are thin covers that hide obvious taints of your teeth. They look exactly like your real teeth thus result in a fuller smile. For decades, porcelain veneers have been in use to give incredible results. But, over the years let’s have a look at them:

Palatal Veneers

These are quite different types of veneers due to their pivotal function on the internal surfaces of your teeth. They are not placed on the front area of the teeth; instead are affixed at the back.

It is done because the palatal surface makes your teeth better by giving them strength from behind instead of coating the front-facing area.

It is one of those types of veneers that are available in gold; however, can also be made in porcelain or composite. Palatal veneers function to protect the posterior part of a worn out, eroded, or sensitive teeth to help avert further wear and tear.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers, are made of composite resin material. It is an in expensive veneer for dental restoration. They are easy to repair and last up to 8-9 years.

During this process layers of composite is put to your tooth surface, to get into the right shape and molded later on to fit your length.

Once done placed, the drying process is completed via curing-light, and later polished. However, this type of veneer seems like a good choice, but in reality they quite easily chip off, break or suffer from stain.

Porcelain Veneers

Hardened ceramic of high-quality is the choice for this kind of dental veneer. Porcelain veneers have been in use for more than decades; chunky in the beginning, all the while getting better with time. In these days it is still a form of teeth whitening method for some individuals who have teeth that do not respond to whitening agents like bleaching procedures.

The process involves thin pieces of porcelain sticking to your teeth surface to rejuvenate their natural, pearly white look. It strengthens your teeth all the while mirroring the natural tooth enamel.

Due to numerous advancements in the dental cosmetic world; shaping, sculpting as well as color treatment available for porcelain have become better to the point where distinguishing between real and fake is next to impossible.

Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers are basically an intermediary protector of the teeth before permanent types can be used on the teeth. They are also suitable to cover the teeth instead of permanent veneers.


Other than these 4 mentioned, there is another no-prep veneers available called lumineers. They are different from regular ones. If you want to know more about these, contact Houston Dental Implant Center.

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