What To Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

March 30, 2022

Have you recently lost your teeth and are worried about facing the world? Do not worry; oral surgeons have found a way to get you out of your misery. To this day, a dental implant is considered the primary care for prosthetic missing teeth replacement in the dental world. It sounds simple, but it’s not. In fact, in the aftermath of dental implant surgery, the healing process has certain restrictions. One of such is no dairy use after getting a dental implant; here’s why.

Why Is Dairy A No-Go Zone after A Dental Implant?

Dairy is one of the triggers of an inflammatory response in the mouth. This is why it is not recommended to have dairy products such as milk after a dental implant surgery or even a tooth extraction.

Moreover, it also has been associated to cause nausea and vomiting, something which is undesirable in any circumstance. Additionally, it is possible to risk a new dental implant by diving in the acidity of your mouth as it’s trying to heal.

Dental Implant Recovery Diet

The initiation of a strict diet may seem like an impossible task, but you have to look at the bigger picture. You must be vigilant about what you eat since everything affects dental implant healing stages. The more careful you are, the lesser time would be required to get back to your normal routine.

Your dental practitioners will give you all the details regarding the aftercare; however, there are a few rules of thumb regarding what to eat and what not to eat after dental implant surgery:

  • You already know the “no dairy” notion after dental implant surgery.
  • Steer clear from edibles that require chewing or may get stuck on the implant.
  • Hard or tough foods that would require pressure while taking a bite.
  • Sticky food like toffees is a no-go.
  • Spicy and acidic foods do not work in favor of the healing process.
  • Moreover, avoid using any high temperature (typically hot) food or drinks. Items like tea, coffee, and soups are generally put on hold until a further checkup.

What Can You Eat Apart From Dairy After Dental Implant Process?

It would be much easier to make a list of soft foods you can have after dental implant surgery. This is mainly because your mouth and gums will be sensitive after surgery. You need not only sustenance but also a speedy recovery process.

Some foods that are beneficial in this case scenario are:

  • Smoothies – are a rich source of vitamins and minerals if they are fresh. Make sure your smoothie is not too cold when you have it.
  • Cold soups – as soups carry nutrition, you can have cold ones. It is a suitable way to get fresh vegetables incorporated into the diet.

After you pass the hall-mark of 24 hours, it is time to make some changes:

  • Eggs and omelet – healthy and abundant protein source, easy to eat at the time of gum inflammation and swelling.
  • Potatoes – in mashed form are really helpful.
  • Ground meat – such as beef or chicken, can help you keep up with the recommended levels of protein.
  • Oats – are a dose of carb and fiber, perfect because they need minimal chewing.


Nutrients play a significant role in the healing process after any oral surgery. Therefore, selecting the right food item is crucial when it comes to healing. If you have issues with your dental implant, contact Houston Dental Implant Center to set up an appointment.

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