Which Type Of Dental Implant Has The Highest Success Rate?

November 15, 2023

If you are dealing with tooth loss, it makes it very challenging to carry out basic tasks like eating, speaking, and more. That is not all! A missing tooth can affect your smile and create more trouble. Fortunately, there are multiple options to replace teeth, with teeth implants becoming increasingly popular. But which type of dental implant has the highest success rate?

Types of Dental Implants: Which is More Successful?

When you are exploring dental implants, you will come across different types and methods of placing implants. It might be hard to make a decision about which option to go for. You can always discuss it with your implant specialist. However, if you are wondering which dental implant has proven to be more successful, let us answer that for you.

Endosteal and subperiosteal implant techniques are the most commonly used ways of placing an implant restoration. Endosteal implants are surgically inserted in the jawbone, whereas subperiosteal implants are placed directly on top of the jaw, under the gum tissue.

Generally, endosteal implants have shown a higher success rate in comparison to subperiosteal implants. Since your dentist will place them directly into the jawbone, they might have a success rate of 95%. However, the success rate of dental implants also depends on other factors.

Factors That Affect the Success Rate of Dental Implants

If you are eligible for dental implants, there are some factors that will determine if they will be successful or not. These include:

  1. Health: The healthier you are, the more chances of success your implant procedure has. This means no history of gum disease, healthy gums and bones, and people who do not smoke are likely to have successful implants. Your general health, too, is a factor behind the success of your implants.
  2. Bone Quality: The quality of the bone in which your dentist will place the implant also affects the success rates. According to some studies, if the implant is inserted in denser, high-quality bone, it is less likely to fail.
  3. Age: Your age plays a significant role in whether your implants will be successful or not. Generally, older patients tend to experience implant failure more often. This could be because older patients usually have other health conditions, like diabetes, cancer, and blood disorders. Your dentist can imagine your mouth to see if you are eligible for dental implants!
  4. Location: If the implants are placed in front of your mouth, it has more chance of being successful. This is because the front teeth are typically under less consistent pressure compared to the back teeth. For back implants, the bite force can wear down restoration. In some cases, it might even loosen the dental implants!

Final Word

Dental implants are available in many types. One of the types of implants is endosteal implants, and they are embedded into your jawbone directly. This increases their chances of success, especially in comparison to subperiosteal.

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